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Teclogiq is one of India's pioneer WebRTC development company offering peer-to-peer voice and video chat apps using WebRTC technology. WebRTC is a free and open-source technology using which we can create real-time web and mobile applications for live video streaming, peer-to-peer communication, and fast and secure data exchange that too without installations, downloads and plug-ins.

We create real-time web applications and innovative communication tools for you using WebRTC technology to beat the competition. We also help you to create custom WebRTC solution for Voice, Video, IM & SMS. Hire WebRTC Developers from Teclogiq to create encrypted video communications apps, live customer support apps, share confidential files, group video chats, and other P2P solutions.

WebRTC App

  • Video Chat Apps
  • Audio Processing Apps
  • Conference Chat Apps
  • Screen Sharing Apps
  • Real-time Messaging Apps
  • Text Chat Apps
  • P2P Data Exchange Apps
  • P2P File Transfer Apps

Advantages of
WebRTC App

  • Secure Voice and Video Connections
    WebRTC enables voice and video authentication and encryption because of the Secure RTP protocol (SRTP). So you are assured of a secure connection.
  • Cross Platforms and Devices Support
    Real-time voice and video connections can be established between different WebRTC enable devices and media servers.
  • High-Quality Voice and Video Calls
    WebRTC uses high fidelity Opus codec for voice and VP8 codec for video streaming that enable high-quality voice and video calling.
  • Automatically Adapt Network Conditions
    WebRTC is a smart technology that utilizes the available bandwidth to avoid congestion and adjusts communication quality to deliver the best possible audio and video streams.
  • Faster App Development
    WebRTC provides standardized APIs that reduce app development time and cost.
  • No Requirements of downloads, installation and plug-ins
    WebRTC is browser to browser based app that doesn't require any downloads, installation and plug-ins.

Features of
WebRTC App

  • Video Chat Conferencing with up to 5 Users
  • Option of File and Screen Sharing & Recording and Archiving
  • One-on-One Chatting and Calling
  • Intuitive UI
  • Broadcasting
  • Speech Recognition

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So, when you are looking for a WebRTC development company or want to Hire WebRTC Developer, choose Teclogiq as your technology partner for appreciable WebRTC app development services. Drop us a message describing your requirements in detail and our WebRTC app development expert will get back to you shortly.

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