We Covert Ordinary into Extraordinary with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Whether it's about converting your ideas into profitable software solutions or getting the next-gen app development, we are committed to provide cost-effective, high quality and result oriented solutions using cutting-edge technologies to help you in achieving your business goals.

We do creative effort to convert the ordinary things into extraordinary that build authoritative presence in the market. We work on establishing consumer perception with the help of latest technologies that create value for the consumer.

By combining our strategies and skills with latest design and technologies, we create unique solutions that are Impressive, Innovative, and Effective. With our fundamental knowledge in various software technologies, we pride our expertise to deliver great software solution using list of technologies with minimal timeline.

Below is the list of technologies that we are expert in. The skills listed below are the hard skills that we possess right now. However, we believe that soft skills determine that last chunk which makes a project truly distinctive rather than just amazing, and we are equally adept at soft skills.

Android App Development

Teclogiq is one of the leading, trusted and reputed android app development company in India. As a top Android app development company, we deliver the app that is functionally and feature-rich, robust, scalable and aims to get more user engagement that increases your return of investment in app development.
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MEAN Stack Development

MEAN Stack is a full-stack web development technologies such as MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS ideal for making dynamic applications and websites. Count on the experienced MEAN stack developers of Teclogiq to take charge of your MEAN Stack project.
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AngularJS Development

With solid experience in AngularJS application development, we at Teclogiq providing the best solutions for industry-specific requirements using AngularJS. We can provide support in AngularJS using Node, Typescript and Webpack optimization.
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Angular Development

Teclogiq has an experienced team of Angular developers working on Angular framework to build front-end of an application in a fast and reliable way. As an experienced Angular Development Company, Teclogiq provides end-to-end web-based solutions.
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Ionic Development

Ionic mobile app development framework is used to build high-performing mobile applications. Ionic Framework provides the UI for the mobile application. Teclogiq has highly skilled Ionic developers who can create Ionic apps that can run on both Android and iOS platforms.
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NodeJS Development

Teclogiq has extensive experience in developing an application using NodeJS and can provide server-side web applications for various tasks. Using NodeJS, we can help you in API development, real-time solution, NodeJS CMS development and more.
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ElectronJS Development

Electron is an open-source framework used to create native desktop apps with web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Teclogiq has highly experienced developers who are capable of handling ElectronJS development work in very smooth way.
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NativeScript Development

NativeScript is used to build cross-platform iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. NativeScript is not using webview to render the app. It creates the Native UIs according to platform. Rely on Teclogiq for efficient NativeScript development services.
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Sencha ExtJs Development

ExtJs is a pure JavaScript based application framework using which we can build interactive cross-platform web applications with help of techniques like Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting. Teclogiq provides all kinds of custom Sencha ExtJS development service.
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MeteorJs Development

MeteorJS is an open-source JavaScript framework written using NodeJs. Meteor is used for rapid prototyping and produce cross-platform code for Web, Android, and iOS. Teclogiq has highly skilled Meteor team to deliver unparalleled results and meet your expectations.
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ReactJs Development

ReactJS is the most advanced, open-source, and cross-platform framework that enables developers to create hi-end solutions for web and mobile application development. Hire our dedicated and experienced ReactJS developers for all your custom development requirements.
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ReactNative Development

React Native is the most preferential JavaScript framework for developing cross-platform applications for iOS and Android with speed and efficiency. Teclogiq have highly trained, dedicated and professional React Native developers to hire for all your custom requirements.
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Flutter Development

Flutter is an open-source app development framework that allows us to write code of an app in one codebase and compile to both Android and iOS. Our Flutter app development team has vast experience in developing attractive, efficient and robust cross-platform apps.
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PHP Development

At Teclogiq, we have a team of expert programmers and designers to successfully deploy the best solutions to complex problems for all kinds of businesses. We provide quick and efficient PHP development services that suit your budget and increase your business ROI.
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LAMP Stack Development

Teclogiq is distinctively remarkable company in empowering your web-based capabilities with the power of LAMP codes. Our LAMP developers takes advantage of the advanced features of combination of four web programs to meet diverse customer needs.
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Python/Django Development

When you are looking to hire dedicated python developers of India, Teclogiq is the best place to outsource your python development project for high-quality, flexible and scalable business solutions on the go.
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VueJS Development

With the solid experience in Vue.Js, we build engaging user interfaces and single-page applications using Vue.Js. If you are looking for well experienced Vue.Js company, Teclogiq is right choice for you.
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NestJS Development

We can develop and deploy enterprise back-end applications following the best practices using Node.js and TypeScript. We use NestJS framework to create scalable and robust back-end of an application.
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