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NodeJS is a platform used to execute server-side JavaScript code. It is a Google's V8 JavaScript engine and is open source. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm that can handle a large number of simultaneous connections. NodeJS runs on a single thread handling concurrent connections with minimal overhead.

In traditional web development, a new process is created to handle each coming request. NodeJS makes heavy use of callbacks. In an example, a function to call the web service may start calling the service api and return the control to the environment immediately so it handles the next instruction. When web service call is finished, it calls the callback function. This avoids blocking or waiting of calls. It helps handle a high number of requests without waiting.

Teclogiq is reputable NodeJS Development Company which offers budget-friendly NodeJS application development services. As a well-known Node.JS development company in India, we create fast, scalable and real time applications.

Features of
NodeJs Development

  • Asynchronous
    NodeJS library is asynchronous and non-blocking. This means it will never wait for returning data. It handles the next task and when previous tasks are done, it calls the callback function and executes it.
  • NPM - Node.js Package Ecosystem
    The NPM registry has almost half a million packages of free, reusable code. NPM makes JavaScript developer reuse the code other developers have shared. This results to a faster NodeJS application development.
  • Fast
    It is based on Google's V8 JavaScript engine making it fast.
  • Easy On Coding
    NodeJS allows the developer to work in JavaScript. This means that front end JavaScript developers can also work as backend developers. In addition, learning a new backend language is not required.

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Our NodeJs development team follows a well-defined process for satisfying the needs of our clients. We guarantee a seamless project delivery that would definitely come out as an incredible ROI for you!

  • Detailed Requirement Analysis
  • Comprehensive Study of Functionalities
  • Technical capability to handle complex projects
  • Free of Cost analysis and advice on your project idea
  • A competent, long-term, and trustworthy relationship
  • On-time on-budget solutions


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