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Sencha ExtJS is used for building complex responsive web applications. Sencha provides rich set of tools and themes that helps to improve the development productivity and time. Teclogiq is the top Sencha ExtJS & Extangular development services provider company in India. We are specialized in developing secure, scalable and sustainable mobile web applications using Sencha platform that looks and feel like native applications on supported mobile devices.

Hire Sencha ExtJS and ExtAngular developers from Teclogiq to create high-performance and interactive cross-platform web applications. We have flexible hiring models. You can hire our developers as per your project requirements i.e. Project-based, Weekly or Monthly. Our ExtJS developers are curious to develop web applications that amaze you with their skills and expertise on Sencha platform. Let's create your robust and responsive web applications.

Our Sencha developers design custom web applications and mobile-optimized web apps with intuitive user interface and experience (UI/UX) and responsive web design. If you are looking forward to hire Sencha developers to handle your web application development work then you are at right place.

Features of Sencha
ExtJS Development

  • Customizable UI widgets with collection of rich UI such as grids, pivot grids, forms, charts, trees.
  • A flexible layout manager helps to organize the display of data and content across multiple browsers, devices, and screen sizes.
  • Customizable Themes: Sencha ExtJS widgets are available in multiple out-of-the-box themes that are consistent across platforms.
  • Code compatibility of new versions with the older one.
  • It is protocol agnostic, and can access data from any back-end source.
  • Advance data package decouples the UI widgets from the data layer. The data package allows client-side collection of data using highly functional models that enable features such as sorting and filtering.

Why Sencha ExtJS
for Web Applications

  • Better and Faster Web Applications
    Using Sencha ExtJS, we can quickly build robust and fast web applications that deliver a great user experience across desktop, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Browser Compatibility
    Web apps developed with Sencha ExtJS supports every browsers including Microsoft's Internet Explorer. As Internet Explorer is popular browser within enterprise, Sencha ExtJS is best to create enterprise level web applications.
  • Largest Component Library
    Ext JS 6 has the largest component library compared to any other JavaScript framework. These components are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Stable Framework
    Ext JS has evolved over the years and become a stable framework through many versions that help to create sophisticated, cross-platform web applications.
  • Integrated Tools
    Sencha has several tools including Sencha Cmd, Sencha Inspector and IDE plugins that developers can use to speed up their application development.
  • Excellent Design Tools
    Sencha provides an excellent set of design tools that we can use to create wireframes and mockups that correctly reflect the look and feel of components.

Benefits of
Sencha Framework

  • Less development cost with higher features
  • Highly flexible, customized and easy to use web applications
  • High performance apps with fast page loads
  • Excellent user experience
  • Less development time and efforts
  • Ease of deployment without waiting for app approval

Why Hire Developers
from Teclogiq?

  • Dedicated, Experienced and Talented Developers
    Teclogiq comprises team of developers who are very dedicated to their work, highly talented in technical knowledge and having years of experience to deliver extra ordinary solution.
  • Scalable, Robust and Beautiful Web/App Solution
    Website or Application developed by us is highly scalable that fits in every screen size, highly robust that smoothly run without any errors and beautiful that give delightful user-experience.
  • Feasible Service
    At Teclogiq, we aim at delivering end to end website and application development that are feasible, cost-effective and help you to achieve maximum return of investment.
  • Agile Development Approach
    We follow agile development process to focus on development tasks and team collaboration that save the development time and help in reducing the development cost.
  • Awesome UI/UX Design
    Our strong focus on UI/UX design produces beautiful and elegant web and mobile applications that help you to stay ahead in the competition and provide maximum user engagement.
  • Reporting and Communication
    We ensure you for the 100% transparency through our daily reporting about project status. Our developers are well versed in verbal and written communication in English.
  • Flexible Hiring Models
    We provide maximum flexibility in our hiring models for proper utilization of your budget. You can hire our developer as per your project requirements like hourly, daily, monthly or project/task-based.
  • Support and Maintenance
    Client satisfaction is our topmost priority. We provide continuous support, supervision, and maintenance for web or mobile application to achieve maximum client satisfaction.

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