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Flutter works best for businesses that are small to medium size and want to develop their business app for all major mobile platforms. As Flutter takes less time to develop an app, thus overall development cost also less and fits into the budget.

Teclogiq is prominent Flutter development service provider having sourced many mobile applications on Flutter and helps businesses around the globe. Hire dedicated and experienced Flutter developers from Teclogiq to complete all your custom requirements related to Flutter app development in record time. Our experienced and professional team of Flutter developers can help you with the smartest and quickest solution for your Flutter app development projects.

We follow a defined method which includes research and group discussion to understand your business industry, targeted audience, and competitors. As a proficient flutter app development company, we believe that it is our primary responsibility to learn and understand basic details about your business before starting your project.

Hire Flutter developers from us to build sophisticated native apps in record time that is expressive, flexible, and gives a delightful experience to app users. We have flexible hiring models. You can hire our Flutter developer as per your project requirements i.e. Project-based, Weekly or Monthly.

Why Flutter for
Your Mobile App

  • Faster Development Environment
    Flutter support the Hot Reload function which usually takes only (milli)seconds and helps to add new features, fix bugs and experiment faster. It's also very comfortable in developer-designer cooperation when you need to improve design of your app.
  • Single Code for Dual Platform
    Developer need to write only one codebase for your mobile app that work on both iOS as well as Android platform. This feature of Flutter can save development time as well as development cost that meet your budget.
  • Less Testing
    Flutter application requires less testing due to single codebase for both iOS and Android platform. Because of single codebase quality assurance process become faster and quality assurance specialists have less work to do as they have to check only app.
  • Faster Performance
    Apps developed using Flutter works in a smoother and faster way without hanging. Flutter is designed to help developers easily achieve a constant 60 frames per second(fps) performance of application.
  • Awesome App Design
    Flutter is designed to create your own widgets or customize the existing widgets. So that you can design your app with beautiful custom widgets which your customers will love to use.
  • Same UI on Older Version
    App look the same, even on old versions of iOS and Android operating systems. It doesn't require any additional cost for supporting older devices.

Why Hire Developers
from Teclogiq?

  • Dedicated, Experienced and Talented Developers
    Teclogiq comprises team of developers who are very dedicated to their work, highly talented in technical knowledge and having years of experience to deliver extra ordinary solution.
  • Scalable, Robust and Beautiful Web/App Solution
    Website or Application developed by us is highly scalable that fits in every screen size, highly robust that smoothly run without any errors and beautiful that give delightful user-experience.
  • Feasible Service
    At Teclogiq, we aim at delivering end to end website and application development that are feasible, cost-effective and help you to achieve maximum return of investment.
  • Agile Development Approach
    We follow agile development process to focus on development tasks and team collaboration that save the development time and help in reducing the development cost.
  • Awesome UI/UX Design
    Our strong focus on UI/UX design produces beautiful and elegant web and mobile applications that help you to stay ahead in the competition and provide maximum user engagement.
  • Reporting and Communication
    We ensure you for the 100% transparency through our daily reporting about project status. Our developers are well versed in verbal and written communication in English.
  • Flexible Hiring Models
    We provide maximum flexibility in our hiring models for proper utilization of your budget. You can hire our developer as per your project requirements like hourly, daily, monthly or project/task-based.
  • Support and Maintenance
    Client satisfaction is our topmost priority. We provide continuous support, supervision, and maintenance for web or mobile application to achieve maximum client satisfaction.

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