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Custom web apps are generally complex applications. It is designed to capture, process, and store data that can be executed on any browser. Shopping carts and login forms are two best examples of web applications. For example, a ticketing company can create a custom web application to sell their tickets directly through their website. Customer can easily buy tickets, make payment and receive their tickets without leaving the website.

Custom programming is typically required when there are unique business needs that are not adequately fulfill by any existing software. At Teclogiq, we serve our clients unique, secure and customized web applications with a custom design that can be used for all websites, desktops, and mobiles.

First, our team clearly understands clients' requirements about custom web solutions then start the project to deliver expected output. We deliver custom web applications that are of the finest quality in performance as well as in scalability. As an experienced custom web application development company India, Teclogiq provide improved productivity in addition to save your time as well as money.

Teclogiq is a top-notch Web Application Development Company of India provides custom web application development service to build various apps such as:

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Ecommerce Applications
  • Social Media Applications
  • Database Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Project Management Applications
  • Online Marketplaces & Portals
  • Accounting Applications
  • Custom Business Applications
  • Real Time Applications

Our Custom Web Application
Development Approach

Project Discovery

As always, we start with the gathering information and requirements as our first step of project development. Our project discovery stage help us to identify the needs and wants of the client, users, and stakeholders, as well as define the strong and weak points of the system or app.

Application Design

Once we have a clear mission and vision of business as well as idea of an application that solve the business problems, our design team get start their work of design architecture for an application. In this phase we create various lightweight mockups of web application pages discussed in project discovery.

Front-End Web Development

After approval of the design, our front-end ninjas start their work of building actual application front end based on the principles of design and discovery phase. We care in implementation of custom code to ensure that your application run smoothly and easy to use in case of large amounts of data.

Back-End Web Development

After completing the front-end part, we focus on creating back end of application. In back-end, all of the heavy lifting and data processing will take place. So it is important to create strong back-end that improve overall performance and speed of an application. We put extra efforts in backend for speedy app.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Every app developed at Teclogiq goes through strong testing and quality assurance phase to create a solid bug-free application. Our software tester test the application through multiple browsers and devices to make sure that each element was correctly implemented during the development process.

Delivery and Launch

After all of the development phases, with an attractive front-end, a powerful back-end and a fully tested interface now your customized web application is ready to launch successfully. We are sure that your web application will bring a new era of business efficiency for you.

Technology We Use for
Custom App Development

We have extensive knowledge of the latest technologies to build custom web applications. Check out our technical expertise that we have developed over the years.

custom web application development company
  • Frontend Development
    Languages and techniques: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery
    Frameworks: Bootstrap, Angular, ReactJS
  • Backend Development
    Languages: PHP, Java, JavaScript (NodeJS)
    Frameworks: Laravel, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Express
  • Full Stack Web Development
    MEAN Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js
  • Real Time App Development
    MeteorJS, Web Sockets, WebRTC
  • Databases
    Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Why Teclogiq for Custom
Web App Development?

  • We build custom applications that require minimum maintenance
  • User oriented custom applications with zero compromises on quality
  • Feature-packed, scalable and secure custom web application development
  • End-to-end suite of custom web application design and development
  • Expertise in the latest web technologies to deliver standard application
  • Constant support for application management like change requests, enhancements and troubleshooting

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So, when you are looking for a custom web application development company in India, choose Teclogiq as your technology partner for appreciable custom web application development service. Drop us a message describing your requirements in detail and our custom web application development expert will get back to you shortly.

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