Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Single Codebase for
Every Platform

It is very costly and time consuming task to create and maintain app for every mobile platform.

Cross platform mobile app development is an approach to creating mobile applications that are run on multiple mobile platforms. At Teclogiq, we build cross-platform apps for multi-platform support by writing code once and making it work on every platform i.e., iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms. In today's market, there is numerous adaptable and powerful cross platform mobile app development technology available such as React Native, Ionic and Nativescript that will function delivering the same user experience across all devices.

Teclogiq is a leading cross platform mobile app development company based in Ahmedabad, India. We are a pioneer in developing and designing powerful cross platform mobile apps that run smoothly on every platform and device. We build native alike cross-platform apps that give the same user experience across multiple devices.

We are experts of building cross-platform mobile apps using standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. We can write code in HTML5 and easily convert it into a cross-platform code. Choose a professional and experienced cross platform mobile app development company like Teclogiq for time & cost-effective solutions.

Our Cross-platform
Development Expertise

React Native

React Native is a JavaScript framework to build beautiful mobile apps. We need to write code once and the app is available for both Android and iOS platforms which helps to save development time and reduce cost. We provide cutting edge REACT Native app development services globally with progressive level of programming. If you are looking to hire React Native Developers, hire our developers for great efficiency and development speed.


NativeScript is open-source framework used to build native cross-platform mobile applications. NativeScript provides native API in JavaScript to most of the mobile operating system. At Teclogiq, we have years of experience in developing and supporting NativeScript apps. If you are looking to hire NativeScript Developers, we offers NativeScript development services without compromising on any of Native Script advantages.

Sencha ExtJS

Sencha is web framework to develop user interfaces for mobile web applications. Mobile web applications made with Sencha is work like native applications when used within supported browsers. Our talented developers use ExtJS framework of Sencha to develop cross-platform mobile applications. If you are looking to hire Sencha ExtJS Developers, hire developers from Teclogiq to build mobile apps in much easier and faster way using the Sencha framework.


Ionic is a very powerful HTML5 SDK. Ionic helps us to build native-feeling mobile applications using web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Ionic combines Angular with its own UI library to develop a cross-platform mobile application. With Ionic, we can build amazing cross platform mobile, web, and desktop apps all with one shared code base and open web standards. Do you want to develop lightning fast cross-platform app with Ionic? Hire our Ionic developers to create your app in less time and cost.

App Benefits

  • App runs on every mobile platform and operating system
  • Time saving framework to develop an application
  • Single code for every platforms reduces development efforts
  • Less time and development efforts reduces app development cost
  • Cross-platform apps doesn't require complex updates
  • Easy access to plug-ins simplifies the whole development process

Why Teclogiq for Cross-platform
App Development

  • Maximum Code Reusability
    We follow maximum code reusability practice while developing cross-platform application to reduce development time and cost.
  • Use of Latest Technologies
    We use latest frameworks and technologies to create cross-platform application to leverage new features and functions.
  • Streamlined Approach
    We starts from insight of your requirements, designing, coding to deployment of fully featured application.
  • Attractive UI/UX
    We give unique look-and-feel to your app across multiple platforms for better user experience.
  • Expert Cross-platform Developers
    Our team of cross-platform app developer build the solution that meet your every custom needs.
  • Delivery on Time
    As cross-platform app development takes less development time, we deliver an app in a short span of time.

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Development Services



So, when you are looking for a cross platform mobile app development company, choose Teclogiq as your technology partner for appreciable cross platform mobile app development service. Drop us a message describing your requirements in detail and our cross-platform mobile development expert will get back to you shortly.


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