Have you ever heard about the Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow? If you are connected to the digital marketing field, I bet you definitely heard about these two things.

Well, if you are not aware of Trust flow and Citation flow, don’t worry. In this blog, I have explained it from the basics and after reading this blog you don’t need to search about Trust flow and Citation flow elsewhere.

Trust Flow

Trust flow is a flow metric provided by Majestic (a popular SEO and backlink analysis tool). Out of 100, trust flow scores a website’s perceived trustworthiness from the quality of the backlinks. A trust flow score of 10 does not mean you have 10 backlinks or 10 trustworthy backlinks, but rather gives context to the quality of your outreach, PR and similar activities.

Trust Flow analyses how trustworthy a site is by measuring the quality of its backlink. Quality is the essential data of this metric. If a link pointing to your website is authoritative and qualitative, then your trust flow will increase. Good trust flow is harder to get than a citation flow and so the Citation Flow will always get higher than the Trust Flow in most cases.

Citation Flow

Citation flow is another flow metric provided by Majestic. Out of 100, citation flow scores a website’s popularity based on how many sites link to it (backlinks) without considering the quality of those links.

A website with a lot of links pointing to it will be influential and will get a good citation flow because citation flow shows how influential a website is. It is good to know that if Trust flow increases, then the Citation flow will also increase. However, if the Citation flow increases, there is no guarantee that Trust flow will also increase.

How to check the Trust flow and Citation flow of your website?

Checking the trust flow and citation flow of your website is a very easy process than you think.

Just open the Majestic website (https://majestic.com) in your browser. Take your cursor on Tools in the header and click on Site Explorer Preview from the drop-down menu. Enter your website URL in the DEMO field and click on the search button. Trust flow and Citation Flow of your website now on your screen.

Now after getting familiar with Trust flow(TF) and Citation flow(CF) it’s time to be familiar with their combination.  Another metric we can derive using Trust flow and Citation flow called Trust Ratio.

What is Trust Ratio?

We know that TF and CF are measured out of 100. So the ultimate score in Majestic would be a TF100 and a CF100. Therefore, the best possible score for Trust Ratio is 1. Yes, just a single digit ‘1’. 100(TF)/100(CF) = 1(Trust Ratio) = the perfect score.

This ratio basically shows us an overview of the backlink profile of our website. Of course, getting a solid 1 is almost impossible but we can safely say that anything between 0.6 and 1.5 would be acceptable. Trust ratio is one of the important factors to check your website SEO.

Key Takeaways

  • Citation flow: Based on the number of backlinks to a website.
  • Trust flow: Based on the quality of backlinks to a website.
  • Quality Of Backlinks Win Over Quantity.
  • Trust Flow / Citation Flow = Trust Ratio.
  • For more in-depth and concentrated analysis on URLs or Domains, Trust Ratio is an excellent indicator.

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