2019 saw both emerging and existing technologies being introduced and utilized in various industries. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and virtual/augmented reality clearly made their stamp in the previous year.

In the realm of application development, these technologies and then some are poised to make an impact this year. It is very interesting and exciting to see how the said trending innovations will shape and change application development in 2020 and beyond.

That said, the following trends are set to happen this year. Custom Software Developers, App developers, and service providers need to be aware of them if they are to remain relevant and ahead of the curve.

Latest Trends in Application Development

1. Increased Dependence on AI

Artificial intelligence is not a new technology but its increasing popularity is getting felt more as the years pass. Enterprises and organizations are constantly looking for ways to incorporate AI into their processes to improve their efficiency while adding more value to their customers’ experience. The application development market is not an exception.

A recent study on AI adoption by businesses revealed that 84% of the respondents believe AI will give them a significant advantage over their competition. As demands for AI-ready applications and software shoot up, application developers are pressed to find ways to fully integrate artificial intelligence into their clients’ projects.

On top of these relevant technology statistics, developers will likely turn to AI to further improve their own processes. It won’t be surprising to hear if app developers are integrating AI with the professional app development software solutions they utilize to streamline their processes, automate tasks, and speed up the whole app development cycle with little to no human intervention. 

2. Massive Cloud Migration Continues

The exodus from an on-premise setup to a cloud-based business environment started with startups and small companies leading the way. In 2019, large and conservative industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, mining, as well as government agencies including the Pentagon migrated business-critical processes to the cloud.

A 2019 survey by Cloud Security Alliance concurred with this development. In its study, 69% of enterprises moved crucial business resources and processes to cloud-based infrastructure. This particular trend will continue in 2020.

This means the public cloud computing services market is expected to grow along with the trend. According to Statista, the industry’s global value is predicted to increase from $227.8 billion in 2019 to an impressive $354.6 billion by 2022. Application development firms need to recognize this trend and capitalize on projects that demand cloud-readiness.

Individual developers should understand that they should get rooted in the cloud market as now is the perfect time to try. They can experiment with a few app projects using the best free app development software solutions. Big cloud service providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft provide free credits to developers who want to get hands-on experience in the cloud.

3. Python Will Dominate 2020

Python is currently ranked as the third most popular and widely used language by programmers and developers according to the TIOBE Programming Language Index. While Python sits behind Java (first) and C (second), experts believe Python is the best language for any development project, including data analytics, web development, enterprise software development, and machine learning.

When it comes to mobile applications, though, it’s a coin toss between ReactNative and NativeScript.

Python has seen its popularity increase in 2019, from 5% to 10%. JavaScript’s popularity is on a steep decline and experts believe this is due to what they call JavaScript fatigue. For application developers, this is a huge and relevant development.

As far as programming languages go, Python has fewer barriers for people who want to enter the programming world. On top of that, Python boasts of an excellent and knowledgeable community of developers, data scientists, and software engineers. If you are looking for the best app development software for beginners, be sure to consider Python in your search.

That said, there is a big but Top App Development Companies should be aware of and look out for.

Other programming languages such as Swift, Kotlin, TypScript, and Rust are gaining traction and have the likelihood of achieving the same amount of popularity as Python and JavaScript enjoy. This is because many of the programming languages have not capitalized on recent hardware development and changes (Cloud, multiple cores, faster network). Also, upcoming languages are built on large principles of developer ergonomics, which means faster and easier app development.

Keep A Close Eye On Other Technologies

The application development industry is an exciting place to be this year. With new technologies emerging and innovations popping out left and right, dynamic and vibrant are just some of the best adjectives to describe the whole sector.

Artificial intelligence and cloud computing revolutionized the app development process. It won’t be surprising to see other technologies like blockchain AR, and VR, make their own impact on the industry.

Thus, it is crucial that individual developers and firms alike monitor these technologies and be aware of how they can revolutionize the app development process so they can respond and react when something big happens.

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