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Every website and mobile applications require a strong server-side backend to store, process and manage the data in an efficient way, which makes backend development one of the important components of software development life-cycle. We can say that backend is the brain of application because it connects various important parts of an application and integrates whole application together.

As an experienced backend development company, we focus on performance, accuracy, redundancy, and security while developing the backend of any application. We provide CRM/CMS, Admin Panels, and other custom back-end solutions that power-up your product.

Hire our Backend Developer to leverage a variety of back end development services with cutting edge technologies and tools that make your application strong enough to stand out from the crowd.

Backend Technologies
We Excel In

To get maximum efficiency of any software application, backend should be built using the latest technologies. We will provide you with top quality back end development services. Hire backend developer from Teclogiq to create a software application that works seamlessly without hanging and provides an enjoyable experience to the users. To achieve higher efficiency we use below programming languages, frameworks, web server technologies and database management systems.


PHP is a widely-used programming language for server-side scripting. Teclogiq has a proficient team of PHP programmers who are experts in delivering outstanding applications with years of programming experience.

Python is a high-level, interpreted, and object-oriented programming language, widely used for general-purpose programming. Our python developers are expert in the Django framework.

Meteor is a reactive, full-stack JavaScript framework that developers use to develop mobile and desktop apps. We use Meteor to create fast and secure web apps.

Node.js is a powerful open-source and cross-platform JavaScript framework which is used to create data-intensive and real-time applications. We have vast experience in NodeJS framework.

NestJS is heavily inspired by Angular. It is a framework to build strong backend of application. We are working in Angular for many years that made us an expert in Nest also because NestJS is similar to AngularJS.


It is the most popular RDBMS that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). SQL is a powerful language for managing content in database. Our years of experience made us expert in MySQL.


PostgreSQL is an open-source and free relational database management system that allows us to add custom functions developed using different programming languages. We use Postgres to develop a stronger system.


MongoDB is an open-source and cross-platform database management system which uses a document-oriented model. To develop a modern application, we use MongoDB.

Our Backend
Development Experience

  • Mobile App Backend
    We provide a custom back-end solution for a mobile application that needs user registration, login and syncing of data across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Web App Backend
    Do you want to create a web application that requires user registration, login and data management operations? Our back-end ninja provide you best solution for your web application backend.
  • Web API Development
    Do you want to integrate your application with other applications or third-parties? Don't worry! We'll provide custom API solution to solve your business problems.
  • Website Backend
    We provide high-quality website backend development services using the latest technologies to ensure higher security level and speed of your website.

Why Teclogiq for
Back End Development

  • Well-versed Developers
    A team of expert developers are always ready to provide you the best possible solution. Our developers are expert in various backend technologies like PHP, Python, Node.JS, MeteorJS, NestJS, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL etc. Our solution will bring a big smile on your face.
  • Various Backend Solutions
    We provide solution to your every need for the backend. Whether it is Web and Mobile Applications, CMS, CRM, ERP, Business Performance Management, Document Management Software, APIs, Version Control Systems, Website Backend, you can get solution for everything.
  • Years of Experience
    Over the years we have been developing many backend solutions. With years of our work experience and analysis, from a small personal site to a heavily loaded system for a multi-user application, with high-performance requirements, we guarantee the result and output for the smooth backend.
  • Cutting-edge Security
    While developing any application, security is the main thing we care about. With the rise of attackers, your application must be developed with high-security standards to overcome the issue of a cyber attack. We create highly secure application which is difficult to hack by cyber attackers.

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Development Services



So, when you are looking for an excellent backend development company, choose Teclogiq as your technology partner for appreciable back end development services. Drop us a message describing your requirements in detail and our backend development expert will get back to you shortly.

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