LAMP Stack Development

A combination of popular development platforms and languages acronym LAMP, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. LAMP is a solution stack of free, open source software technologies currently used by millions of web developers. LAMP stack services are used to handle most heavily coded websites and complex e-commerce solutions today, while allowing the developers to benefit from a flexible development environment.

Teclogiq provides custom LAMP stack development solutions to help you in end to end coding for your website development and e-commerce requirements. Our team of highly experienced and dedicated LAMP developers helps you to get the best module for your project. We can take over that too and deliver outstanding websites within the given timeframe at any phase of the development cycle.

PHP MySQL Development

PHP is a powerful and effective server-side scripting language that is frequently used in creating dynamic web pages for developing ecommerce and other web application. We are well equipped with library and open source frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP and Codeigniter.

MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL), the most popular language for adding, accessing, and processing data in a database.

With the knowledge about LAMP technology, our team of LAMP developers builds huge websites. Working on LAMP technology for years, we are skilled in PHP programming, Linux OS, MySQL database server and Apache HTTP servers. Catering to your unique business requirements, we deliver the quality solutions to increase your business.

Our experienced team of PHP developers has a hang on creating a vibrant and appealing PHP websites that are thoroughly examined for its quality solutions at most affordable prices.

LAMP Stack Development Services We Offer

With our LAMP stack development service, we will enhance your prospects on business and personal fronts in a cost-effective manner.

  • Developing new Small corporate or Personal Web application in LAMP
  • Maintain Existing LAMP Applications
  • Code and Database Optimization in LAMP
  • Cross Platform Compatibility - Codes that are adaptable across various software platforms
  • Speed Optimized - Despite being heavily loaded, fast loading website
  • E-commerce website or E-Catalogue Solutions
  • Well Suited Ui - Customized and simple user interface for easy handling
  • Real Estate Website in LAMP
  • Transferring Web site from other language to LAMP

Why choose LAMP Development

  • Easy to code with PHP and MySQL
  • Open source framework
  • Easy stack deployment
  • Preferred choice for developing scale out architecture
  • Reduces the processing time

Get Started

If you have any LAMP based web development requirement. Drop us a message describing your business in detail, and our web development experts will get back to you shortly.