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NativeScript is used to build cross-platfor iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. NativeScript is not using webview to render the application. It create the Native UIs according to platform. You can access the platrom APIs using Javascript, Angular or vuejs so if you are familiar with those framework you can get start. The Native script has a lot of benefits over hybrid & HTML 5 based app.

Features of NativeScript

  • App runs on iOS and Android
    NativeScript is used to create the cross-platfor iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. Its cross-platform nature can save lots of time to develop the Android apps using Java and iOS apps using Objective C/Swift. You can use XML like markup to add the component.
    <Button class="btn btn-primary" id="button" text="Click here!" ></Button>
    Above code will create the button component in iOS and Android as Native Component.
  • Native Performance
    The cordova based hybrid applications use WebView to render the UI in HTML. Webview is a browser bundled with no address bar. Webviews are slow and works differently on differnt platform. Nativescript create the native component so it not inconsistencies in performance.
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS web development skill
    iOS uses Objective C or Swift and Android uses Java to build the native applications. Nativescript uses Javascript, TypeScript that web developers uses it daily. Nativescript uses CSS for styling the UIs. So Nativescript is fit for existing web developers and no need to learn new languages.
  • Access Native APIs And Plugins
    NativeScript gives you the option to access native code as needed without leaving Javascript/Typescript. NativeScript plugins are npm packages with some added native functionality. You can find NativeScript plugins on npm's own site
  • Live reload and LiveSync
    With Nativescirpt LiveSync you can make changes to the NativeScript app in editor and those changes are real time instantly refreshed in attached devices.

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