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MeteorJS is an open source JavaScript web framework written using NodeJs. MeteorJs is used for rapid prototyping and produce cross-platform code for Web, Android, and iOS.

It comes with features of back-end development, front-end rendering, database management and business logic. MeteorJS enables the fast development of end-to-end web and mobile applications. MeteorJS is also steadily growing and becoming more helpful to build real-time applications.

Our dedicated MeteorJS developers have effectively implemented various web and mobile applications that are user friendly and engaging. Our MeteorJs team provides the services to deliver unparalleled results to meet your expectations.

Features of MeteorJS

  • With MeteorJS you can develop apps in JavaScript for a web browser, application server, and mobile environment.
  • The prominent feature of Meteor.js is its integrated live-browser reloading. Whenever there are any development changes to make on the front-end, it automatically reloads the live web page. Live reloading also allows refreshing only the required DOM elements on the web page without making an entire page to reload in spite of any dependent changes to data on the back-end or front-end.
  • The app is created using JavaScript so you can use the same code on both client and server side.
  • It performs the updations automatically when any changes created in data of a database.
  • It allows direct access to the database so you don't need to load the data from REST.
  • The dependency on a server for to update the app is ended as it instantly updates without interrupting the app users.

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