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Teclogiq provides MEAN stack Development Service. MEAN stack development means creating the application using MongoDB (Database), ExpressJS (NodeJS framework), AngularJS (Front end framework), NodeJS (server side javascript) and it is a free and open-source.

All the technologies are written in java script. So that makes it both a time and money-saver for organizations that have already javascript developers.

Using MEAN stack we can develop scalable, realtime web applications and mobile applications. MongoDB offers a more flexible, accommodating layer for storing data

The following diagram explains how those work together.

hire mean stack developers

Features of MEAN stack

  • MEAN stack is one stop-solution for fornt end and backend with Database.
  • Javascript developer can work as MEAN stack developer also.
  • Single page web applications.
  • Event driven and scalable architecture.
  • All the components uses the JSON data which makes it simpler and saves time reformatting as it passes through each layer.
  • MEAN stack is compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux.
  • MEAN architecture support automated testing.
  • It handles the concurrent requests using Non blocking I/O.
  • MongoDB schema does not required predefined relationship with other scheme so data retrieval is faster.

Teclogiq is MEAN stack Development Company. Hire MEAN stack developers from techlogiq to build scalable Web & Mobile applications. We have flexible hiring models. You can hire MEAN Stack developer as per your project requirements i.e. project based, monthly and weekly.

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