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Teclogiq has an experienced team of Angular developers working on Angular which provides web and mobile applications and front end in a fast and reliable way. We have developed several full-functional applications. As an Angular Development Company, Teclogiq provides end-to-end solutions. Hire Angular developers from Teclogiq to save time and money.

Angular features

Default Ahead of Time Compilation

Now AOT supported by default when build the application. The application loads faster because there are already compiled files on server and those server files served when getting request. The AOT files are *.ngfactory.ts.

TypeScript Support

Angular now supports TypeScript version 3.1 and RxJS 6.3
Some of the latest TypeScript features are:

  • Dynamic Import Expressions
  • String Enums
  • Improved Inference for Generics
  • Weak Type Detection

Progressive Web Applications

Angular-CLI has the ability to create applications with the mobile web apps such as push notifications, offline experience, application logo in start menu, service work support, etc. That looks like native-like user experience for the end user.
The PWA is activated by the following:
ng set apps.0.serviceWorker=true

Build Optimizer

Angular-CLI will now apply the build optimizer by default. The Angular Build Optimizer makes your bundles smaller using our semantic understanding of your Angular application. It removes the additional parts of your application that aren't needed and also removes Angular decorators from your application's runtime code which needed while compiling but not in runtime.

Angular Universal

Now you can share the state of the server side and client side versions of the applications. Angular Universal renders the application on the server side. It means it creates the HTML on server side and served while loading. If you view the page source, it shows the HTML of the page. So now crawler craw the angular applications and it improves the SEO performance. The application loads faster because HTML is served from server.

Todo MVC example

Check our Todo MVC example on angular-5-todo-application


Teclogiq is Angular Development Company. Hire Angular developers from Teclogiq to create forntend for Desktop and Mobile sites. We have flexible hiring models. You can hire Angular developer as per your project requirements i.e. project based, monthly and weekly.


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