Angularjs Development

Signle Page Application development using AngularJS

We are an India based reliable AngularJS / Angular development company. We are providing best quality web development services using AngularJS and creating the SPA (Single Page Application). The data loads using the Ajax without page refresh so it allow us to offer a more-native-app-like experience to the user. It redraw the UI without requiring a server roundtrip.

Our in house team has strong technical skill set for Angular. We are implementing Lazy loading, Server side rendering, Jasmin test cases using Karma test runner in our application.

Features of AngularJS

TypeScript Compatibility

Angular is written in TypeScript.Typescript and Angular4 we are seeing a new wave of changes coming to the web application development. TypeScript is typed language that compiles to JavaScript. Using TypeScript we can write the classes like Java/C# and when compilted it converts to javascript files.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading modules helps us decrease the startup time. A large scale application will contain lots of feature modules which need not be loaded all at once and we don't needed them on startup time. With lazy loading our application does not need to load everything at once, it only needs to load what the user expects to see when the app first loads. Modules that are lazily loaded will only be loaded when the user navigates to their routes.

Server side rendering

First time users of your application will instantly see a server rendered view which greatly improves overall user experience. So when first time user open the application he will see the HTML create by Server side. When the angular loaded to the client side it will remove the server code (DOM) and apply its dynamic DOM.

Our AngularJS development services include

Our AngularJS development services includes above features and creating the Single Page Application which run on browser.

Todo MVC example

Check our Todo MVC example on angular-5-todo-application